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7 Courses

Interior Designing Course
Digital Art
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Teacher: sehar iftikhar

Interior Designing Course

Teacher: Ms. Sehar

Registration fee PKR 10000

Course type : live
Duration of the course : 8 weeks 

Two days a week 

2 hours per class

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What You'll Learn

• Introduction to Interior Design

• Elements and Principles of Interior Design.

• Colour Theory & Psychology Lighting Design

• Furniture Styles 

• Photoshop Basics

• Client Presentation

Digital Art
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Digital Art

Graphic design course

Registration fee PKR 3800 (per month)

Includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator 

Course duration: 2 months

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Adobe Photoshop course outline:

Introduction to photoshop:

familiarize yourself with the interface, tools,and workspace.

Understanding layers:learn about layers,how to create them,and how to use them to make non-destructive edits to your images.

Basic editing tools: discover tools like the crop tool,clone stamp,healing brush,and spot healing brush,and learn how to use them to remove

unwanted elements from your images,adjust color and tone,and more.

Working with selections:explore various selection tools, such as the

marquee tool, lasso tool,and magic wand tool,and learn how to use

them to isolate specific parts of your image for editing.

Introduction to masks:learn about layer masks and how to use them to selectively apply adjustments to specific parts of your image.

Typography and design:discover how to use photoshop to create graphics with text and design elements, including how to work with text layers and apply layer styles.

Saving and exporting:lean how to save your work in various formats and export your images for use on the web, in print,or in other projects

Adobe illustrator course outline:

LESSON 1:Introduction to Adobe lllustrator

What is adobe illustrator?

Applications of adobe illustrator in different industries

Overview of the illustrate interface

Basic tools and their functions

Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Video editing course

Registration Fee PKR 3000 

Duration 2 weeks

Sessions conducted via zoom app live
softwares required Capcut & Canva

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Course outline: 

•Introduction to canva and capcut

•Basics of editing in capcut

•affing and animating elements in canva 

•advanced editing in capcut

•merging videos/adding voice overs

•test class

Procreate course
Digital Art
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Digital Art

Procreate course

Registration fee PKR 4000

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Course outline:

8 Classes in which you will learn. 

1. Intro to Procreate Interface.

How to save and share your work.

2. Procreate Shortcuts and some really cool features you should know. 

3. All about built-in brushes, importing brushes and making your own brushes and stamps.

4. Customizing and importing Color pallettes.

5. Resizing, duplicating and readjusting objects.

6. Working with layers, and masking tools. 

7. How to make super easy and quick mandalas. 

8. How to make beautiful patterns.

9. Creating landscape using the techniques learnt.


canva course
Digital Art
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Digital Art

canva course

Registration fee PKR 3800

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Course outline:

introduction to canva 

learning about the tools

basics of designing

social media designing

making aesthetic posts

creating printable designs

tips on designing for a client 

Textile patterns via Adobe photoshop
Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Textile patterns via Adobe photoshop

Registration fee PKR 3800

Course type : live

Duration:1 hours

2 sessions per week

Days : Monday and Sunday

Timings: 9-10pm Pkt

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Photoshop Basic - Advance  Course

Duration : 2 months 

2 classes per week

Course Objective

This course will give you the necessary direction required to built the best photoshop practices. Our focus is to cover every important tool you need to know so that you become a master in photoshop and achieve whatever result required by creating your own steps and techniques.

Course outline

class -1

Intro to photoshop

Intro to basic commands on photoshop

class -2

Intro to basic tools

Learn to set image/file size- format- resolution.

class -3

Intro to pen tool

Learn to create a drawing using pen tool

class -4

Intro to print design

Types of print design repeats

How to create a print

class -5

How to transfer a print design on fabric

How to render an image on photoshop

class -6

Learn masking technique

Learn to do mapping of design on different products.

7. Assignment submission and feedback 

Students are suppose to submit class assignments after every class on time. Students will be given a project at the end of the course in order to recieve the completion certificate.

Sticker making course
Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Sticker making course

Registration fee PKR 3000

Course Type : pre-recorded & assignment based (with 24/7 Teacher's Assistance) 

Click Here For Demo Of Our Pre Recorded Courses :

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Sticker Making Course 

Class 1: 

Interface and Features of Software 

Class 2: 

Lineart Techniques 

Class 3: 

Shading and Rendering Technique 

Class 4: 

Clipping Mask and Protect Alpha 

Class 5: 

Merging Down process 

Class 6: 

Digital Art transformation 

Class 7: 

Draw Digital Sticker 

Class 8: 

How to convert simple art into Stickers 

Class 9: 

Pricing and Printing process 

Class 10: 

How to earn money through Stickers