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5 Courses

Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

canva course

Registration fee PKR 3800

Registration form

Course outline:

introduction to canva 

learning about the tools

basics of designing

social media designing

making aesthetic posts

creating printable designs

tips on designing for a client 

Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Sticker making course

Registration fee PKR 2000

Registration form

Sticker Making Course 

Class 1: 

Interface and Features of Software 

Class 2: 

Lineart Techniques 

Class 3: 

Shading and Rendering Technique 

Class 4: 

Clipping Mask and Protect Alpha 

Class 5: 

Merging Down process 

Class 6: 

Digital Art transformation 

Class 7: 

Draw Digital Sticker 

Class 8: 

How to convert simple art into Stickers 

Class 9: 

Pricing and Printing process 

Class 10: 

How to earn money through Stickers

Adobe photoshop
Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Adobe photoshop

Registration fee PKR 3800

Registration form :

Photoshop Basic - Advance  Course

Duration : 2 months 

2 classes per week

Course Objective

This course will give you the necessary direction required to built the best photoshop practices. Our focus is to cover every important tool you need to know so that you become a master in photoshop and achieve whatever result required by creating your own steps and techniques.

Course Outline

Class No 1-2

1. Getting started withphotoshop cs

2. Welcome screen

3. Creating new documents

4. Inteoducing panels

5. Artboards

6. Using workspaces

7. Moving and customizing panels

8. Working with multiple documents

9. Tab prefrences

10. Screen modes

11. Keybord shortcuts

Class No 3-4

1. Understanding file types

2. Reviweing RAW formats

3. Understanding resolution

4. Color Modes

5. Print Size

6. Resize vs resample images

Class No 5-6

1. Direct Selection tool overview

2. Marquee tool

3. Feather a selection

4. Inverse Selection

5. Copy and Paste

6. Modifying Selection

7. Quick Selection/Magic wand tool

8. Color fill command

9. Saving Selections

10. Class Assginment

Class No 7-8

1. Layer Basics

2. Undo and redo

3. Convert Background to Layer

4. Opening images to layers

5. Selecting layer

6. Layer panel options

7. Locking layers

8. Align layers

9. Layer Groups

10. Layer opacity options

11. Layer Masks

12. Layer Styles

13. Class Assignment

Class No 9-10

1. Using crop tool

2. Transform an image

3. Wrap tool

4. Prespective Wrap

5. Class Assignment

Class No 11-12

1. Pen tool

2. Strokes

3. Path transform

4. Pen tool types

5. Class Assginment

Class No 13-14

1. Type tool

2. Area type tool

3. Rulers

4. Showing grid

5. Eraser tool

6. Class Assginment

Class No 15-16

1.  Dodge/Burn tool

2. Built in shapes

3. Swatches

4. Define pattern

5. Class Assignment

Class No 17-18

1. Course overview.

2. Final work submission

Digital Illustration Course
Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Digital Illustration Course

Registration fee PKR 3800

Duration : 12 weeks 
2 sessions per week
Class Duration : 1.5 hours 
Course Type: Group

*Students can pay monthly*

Registration Here :

Month 1

Week 1 

Our first document

Learning the interface, menu and tools

Week 2 

Selection tool

Anchor points


Assignment 2

Week 3


Gradients +  mesh 

Assignment 3

Week 4

eraser , scissors and blade

Move, rotate, reflection

Groups and layers

Month 2

Week 5

Pen tool

Brush tool

Interactive tracing

Week 6

Linear gradient

Radial gradient

Freeform gradient

Week 7

Clipping mask


Week 8

Text tool



Month 3

Week 9

Pantone colors

Color modes


Week 10

Effects (vector)

Effects (pixels)

Week 11

Blend tool

Blending and shapes

Blend tool with words

Blend through gradients

Week 12

Finishing up the software

Print formats 

Web formats

Character Illustration Course
Digital Art
Preview Course

Digital Art

Character Illustration Course

Duration : 4 weeks 
2 sessions per week
Class Duration : 1.5 hours 
Course Type: Group

Registration Here :

Week 1

Overview of the software + Pens are your friends 

doodle exercise #1 on paper

Week 2

Evaluating your doodle + outputting ideas. 

Learning the tools + Vectorizing your doodle #1

Week 3

Coloring methods + giving characters a name. 

Doodle exercise #2 on paper

Week 4

Learning the tools + Vectorizing your doodle

Finishing up. 

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